The Badge: Designed by Founder Glazebrook in 1865, the Badge consists of a circular center field and four arms. Glazebrook, having projected a Christian fraternity and appropriated a distinctively Christian symbol for its name, the Cross naturally was its logical emblem.

The Coat of Arms: Adopted in 1910, the design of the Alpha Tau Omega Coat of Arms is defined as follows: Or, a pale and chief conjoined azure, in chief three mullets of the first. Crest: A tower masoned or, bearing a crosslet pattee sable. Motto: "Pi Epsilon Pi"

The Flag: Adopted in 1914 as designed by William C. Smiley, Minnesota, the flag's standard design is the Coat of Arms shield, modified as a rectangle. The colors are sky-blue and old gold, conforming to the Coat of Arms.
The Flower: The white tea rose, adopted by the 1892 Congress as the Fraternity's flower, was selected because of its white petals and green stalk. A bouquet of white tea roses tied with sky-blue and gold ribbons contains the Fraternity's quartet of symbolic colors.
The Mascot: The gator is the unofficial mascot of our fratenrity. "You can't spell GATOR without ATO" is most likely where the connection with the gator began.